Juno Awards Spotlight: Loverboy Edition

Reflecting on this year’s Juno nominees for Recording Package of the Year got me thinking about the greatest album cover artwork in Canadian music history — Loverboy’s ‘Get Lucky.’

It is everything ever needed in a rock ‘n’ roll album cover. It’s the lying ass of a hairy man in skin-tight red leather pants. It should be our flag, somehow.

The Juno Awards have only been recognizing album design since 2005 and this beauty was released in 1981 so unfortunately we’ll never know how this art piece would have fared in competition.

But the Juno Awards have been (very, weirdly, so, so, so) kind to Loverboy over the years. Here’s Loverboy’s JUNO history:

1981: Nominated for Most Promising Group of the Year, lost to Powder Blues
1982: Won Single of the Year for “Turn Me Loose”
1982: Won Group of the Year
1982: Won Album of the Year
1983: Nominated for Single of the Year for “Working for the Weekend,” lost to Payol$’ “Eyes of a Stranger”
1983: Won Group of the Year
1983: Won Album of the Year for ‘Get Lucky’
1984: Won Group of the Year
1984: Nominated for Album of the Year for ‘Keep it Up,’ lost to Bryan Adams’ ‘Cuts Like A Knife’
1986: Nominated for Group of the Year, lost to Honeymoon Suite
1986: Nominated for Album of the Year for ‘Lovin’ Every Minute of It,’ lost to Glass Tiger’s ‘The Thin Red Line’
2009: Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame
And in case you cannot get enough of men in leather, here is the must-watch video for “Working for the Weekend:”

If you don’t have six minutes to devote to this archival film which depicts the birth of hair rock in our nation, here’s a rundown of what you’re missing:

  • Perms
  • Chest hair
  • Gold medallions
  • Mullets
  • Leather jackets in a variety of colours
  • Bad teeth
  • Dog leg humping jokes
  • “Everyone knows it’s a national pastime to get lucky.”
  • Red leather pants
  • Gross innuendo about cheating on your wife
  • Bandanas
  • Men in high heeled boots
  • Sweatbands
  • Freeze frames of the drummer
  • Backlighting
  • Drummer making the ‘Ooooooh’ face repeatedly
  • Faux Freddie Mercury back bends
  • Synchronized guitarists rocking to and fro
  • A guitarist who looks suspiciously like John C. Reilly
  • Fist pumps
  • Head banging
  • Finger guns
  • The singer jumping on drum platform

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