Back when Bey was pregnant with Blue Ivy in 2011, a (ridic) conspiracy emerged claiming she faked her pregnancy.

“Proof” included:
– Allegations that her due date varied widely
– The dearth of pictures of her actual pregnant stomach
– A video clip that purported to show Bey’s belly deflating when she sat down one time:

The famous folding belly video clip.


I mean, why wouldn’t one of the most image-conscious and elegant women in the world want to show pictures of her naked pregnant stomach to everybody over the internet? Besides the obvious reasons (privacy, it’s her own damn choice, she doesn’t owe anyone belly pics) those pics can be hella tacky. See?


Bey knows this is tacky. Bey KNOWS this. BEY. KNOWS. THIS.

That’s why her pregnancy announcement is an over-the-top wink and nod to this kind of gauche preggo over-sharing.

Bey is the master.